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Readers of my original blog are  familiar with my habit of including photos with my posts. Each post had, at the very least, a header image, and some of the blog entries included images of the actual topic discussed. Other images related on more of a philosophical level and allowed me to include some of my personal favorite photographs. These images provided a visual perspective on the insight and inspiration within the blog - at least in my personal mind's eye.

When creating a website to use for the release of our book, Anything But Pink, I decided to continue with blog posts and photos. These posts will not only be focused on living with cancer and the treatments, but will cover a variety of inspirational and motivational topics. Some of the blog entries will be inspired by photos in my catalogue, and some posts, while in the drafting phase, will propel me to capture an image that complements it.

I welcome your comments and feedback and am grateful to those who spend their time reading my posts.

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